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This review discusses first the geochemical processes behind each of the single-sample-based models, followed by discussions of the statistical approach and the geochemical mass-balance approach.Finally, the applications, advantages and limitations of the three groups of models/approaches are discussed.The graph below is a plot of 2004 tree ring data points (blue dots) used to date the VM.The y-axis is the measured BP age and the x-axis is the calculated BP age (x = 1950 - tree ring age) in 5-year intervals(III). The measured BP age ranges from 646 to 415 (231) years is condensed to 70 years (570-500).estimating apparent rates of geochemical reactions and revealing the complexity of the geochemical environment, and identify samples that are not affected by the same set of reactions/processes as the rest of the dataset.The investigated water samples may have a wide range of ages, and for waters with very low values of C, the model based on statistics may give more reliable age estimates than those obtained from single-sample-based models.[frame_right][/frame_right]The most common scientific means to calculate the age of once living things is “Radiocarbon dating”.

The SRAU maintains and operates HEAT in accordance with the quality management system of the FBI Laboratory. Government, academia, and the private sector, provide critical scientific capabilities, secure facilities, and experts to support examinations involving hazardous materials.AMS (accelerator mass spectrometry) is used to determine the age of milligram samples of historical objects.This equipment was used at the University of Arizona (U of A) radiocarbon dating laboratory to date four of the Voynich Manuscript’s (VM) parchment pages.This analysis gave a mean of 516±18 BP years (before present, 1950) or 1421±8.5 years AD, indicating that the 95% confidence interval for the date when the parchment was made is probably between the years 1404-1438, (mean ±2sd).Radiocarbon dating therefore excludes Roger Bacon or anyone living before the beginning of the 15th century as a potential author of this manuscript.

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The SRAU maintains formalized contractual partnerships with key laboratories, called partner laboratories. Working with its partner laboratories, the SRAU reviews and exercises existing protocols for hazardous materials, participates in the research and the development of new technologies to address capability gaps, and collaborates with CBRN experts in defining best practices for the collection and forensic analyses of CBRN materials.

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