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The host that had been playing Peter Abernathy had had a previous role in the park’s history though, as the leader of some cannibal cult in what must have been a gruesome narrative. There’s no guarantee that this isn’t some kind of “memories” for Maeve, that we’re supposed to assume that Maeve’s character had been a homesteader, but the backstory she repeats, over and over in the Chestnut episode doesn’t really jibe with that. By guiding evolution along, scientists have created a protein that can bond carbon to silicon.I agree that there are at least two timelines, and probably three.One of the difficulties posed in trying to identify if a storyline is taking place years and years before or after another one: the robotic hosts don’t age or change over time. The Man in Black mentioned in the past that he’d dissected a host and exposed a million perfect pieces that were inorganic, not like the organic models of the hosts in the later time.The company hasn't made an official announcement about this line-up, but the specifications on their own are enlightening.

We've just noticed that AMD updated its website with a new line-up of laptop Radeon GPUs, the Radeon M400 series.Changes of appearance in humans would of course give us a clue to the era we might be seeing, if they physically look different due to makeup or digital effects (like the de-aging CGI used to present a younger Anthony Hopkins) or it’s unambiguously established that a different actor is playing a known character. Let’s assume that the show is consistently showing us two timelines. Elsie has mentioned wetware when talking about hosts’ computers/brains, so we can assume that there is no inorganic device used for guiding the hosts. We’ve seen the hosts with mechanical internals in a Ford-centric flashback, consistent with the Man in Black’s observations, and we’ve seen some hosts take grievous damage, like one of Escaton’s outlaws having his face blown off from behind by Maeve, or the stray host Elsie and Stubbs were pursuing who caved in his skull with a rock. But what we haven’t seen is grievous damage to hosts in William and Logan’s timeline, to give us a glimpse of their internals, in order to assess if they’re in the park during a much earlier era, when the hosts were composed of inorganic metal bones and silicon circuits. Parts is parts Another element to be on the watch for in regards to establishing some kind of timeline order: what parts a host is playing.(For example, if we ever see a family with a young Teresa Cullen eating at the hacienda that Ford destroys in the Contrapasso episode, we know that we’re in her past.) Otherwise, it’s hard to gauge a vast passage of time just from the appearance of hosts. If the two timelines are set far enough apart in time in the Westworld park’s history, the hosts can be used to determine a ‘modern’ timeline from one in the past. As established by dialogue from Ed Harris’ mysterious Man in Black, the hosts in the ‘current’ timeline (one shared by Elsie, Stubbs, Ford, etc.) are synthetic but organic. We know that the host playing the role of Peter Abernathy, Dolores’ father, changed in the first episode as the glitchy model we were introduced to was put into cold storage. ) We’ve seen that the brothel madame Maeve probably had a previous role as a homesteader, with a nightmarish narrative.The team created it using a process of artificial selection called directed evolution, and it outperforms all other existing methods of bonding the two elements.“It’s a wonderful demonstration of how rapidly nature can adapt to solve problems,” says Arnold.

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