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While the (cross-sectional) survey data remain available only for 2008, the longer time span can for instance be used to compare firms’ performance before and after the crisis.By default, read and write access to your database is restricted so only authenticated users can read or write data.I would like to update a character field in the company table (used for sequence) from the project entry screen through customization. Company ID; Company Adapter CA = new Company Adapter(o Trans); CA. I have selected the company adapter and the update() method but how do i use it? P6Spy is a transparent JDBC proxy-driver which log the statements performed against the actual driver you normally would use.Using p6spy allows to log the SQL statements issued by Db Unit.

SEQUENCE); dataset Writer.write(data Set); Many RDBMSes allow IDENTITY and auto-increment columns to be implicitly overwritten with client values. Some databases, like MS SQL Server and Sybase, need to explicitly activate client values writing.

This database is also known as the EU-EFIGE/Bruegel-Unicredit dataset (EFIGE dataset hereafter).

The dataset includes data from a survey performed in early 2010 among firms in seven EU countries, namely Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Recently, Bruegel has worked on an update of the EFIGE dataset, by extending the panel-level balance sheet data until the year 2014.

In what follows, we report the main features of the brand new data.

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