Who is michelle williams dating in 2016

The title belongs to none other than her best friend, Busy Philipps.

When your BFF is your soulmate, it's kind of easier to imagine a drama-free future.

While Williams is in no hurry to couple up, her friend Busy Phillips is on her case about it. " While telling your friend she'll have to wait until everyone gets divorced if she doesn't get her act together is probably an extreme intervention, it's nice to know celebrities have trouble finding dates that top a night in on the couch with Netflix too.

In pretty much all senses but one," she told I mean, it just won't ever be right," she says.

"In 20 years we’re going to look back at tapes of these antigay people saying ridiculous things on the news and it’s going to sound as antiquated a the newsreels of horrible racists from the ‘50s." As for long-standing rumors that she and her "Dawson's Creek" co-star Williams are more than just good friends, Phillips adds, "I love her as deeply as I love almost anyone.

But we don’t do it." She also recalls a conversation between husband Mark Silverstein and their now 4-year-old daughter Birdie Leigh.

Williams has spoken candidly about the challenges of her single-mom life. This is not what I imagined," she says in the interview. But I'm also happy with myself and just because I might have a desire to be with someone MICHELLE WILLIAMS COVERS THE WINTER ESCAPE ISSUE: As part of our issue celebrating the year's most incredible women, the enigmatic actress opens up about love, loss and moving on in #PORTERMagazine.

I feel really sensitive about it and certainly did not expect to still be dating at 36 with an 11-year-old.

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