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YWCA Court Advocates are also available every day that Lawrence District Court is in session to assist survivors in the process of obtaining protective orders and other legal supports, as well as links to vital YWCA and other community services. Anyone in need of Sexual Assault or Rape Crisis services may call the YWCA during the day from a.m. Sexual assault is a violent crime, whether or not it involves physical force.

It stems from a desire to hold power over another person. It is defined by 3 basic elements: penetration of any orifice by any object; force or threat of force; and penetration against the will of the victim.

Experienced Boston Rape Defense Attorney, Massachusetts Campus Rape Attorney and Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Massachusetts prosecutes and punishes rape, date rape, child pornography and computer sex offenses very seriously and in ways that can impact your criminal record and your future permanently.

In addition to state prison sentences, Massachusetts laws also require people convicted of sex offenses to register as sex offenders with the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry.

As a firm, we put that belief into practice by providing clients throughout Eastern Massachusetts, including Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk counties with effective, non-judgmental legal services aimed toward achieving the best possible results.

Our sexual assault defense practice includes: Sexual Assault - Serious Crime, Serious Consequences Sexual assault convictions can carry long sentences and severe consequences that go well beyond a person's release from prison.

*No representation is made that the person listed here is currently on the state's offenders registry.

Although ever person is different, sexual assault and rape survivors often report a wide range of feelings or reactions, including: These feelings may come and go, sometimes over the course of many years.

Massachusetts now imposes GPS monitoring and twenty years - or perhaps a lifetime - on the Sexual Offender Registration list for people convicted of these kinds of charges.

Factoring in the social consequences and dim employment prospects, you can see why having an experienced lawyer represent you is so essential. Lewin has handled more than 5,000 criminal defense and sexual assault cases.

Massachusetts Sexual Assault Defense Judges and prosecutors offer little remorse for people charged with a sexual assault.

In fact, public opinion concerning sex crimes is so highly charged that many criminal defense lawyers won't take these cases.

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A conviction of such an offense can do irreparable damage to your career and your family life.

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