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That's exactly what Hayek did when she walked the red carpet in 2014 to promote her film The Prophet.Walking up the stairs, Hayek held up a placard with the #Bring back our girls slogan, to show her support to the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls.While she accentuated her striking features with bronzed make-up and an Audrey Hepburn-inspired hairstyle, it was her smooth skin and eye-popping chest that stole attention as she posed in nothing but the jewels.Emily appeared to be getting ready for her first glitzy evening at the film festival - having spent the day soaking up the sun in the South of France at her luxury hotel.“Brigitte Bardot became something of a sensation at the Cannes Film Festival back in 1953, and this photo from deep in our archive perfectly captures the allure that helped her rise to superstardom.Back then, Cannes was a much more informal affair and access to celebrity was very different.Corporal John Mc Burney, now played by Colin Farrell, is a Union deserter who is nursing a wounded leg, but the film doesn’t portray him as the scurrilous manipulator that Eastwood’s Mc Burney was.

The actress attended the premiere of her new movie with George Clooney in a black, off-shoulder Armani Prive dress and black pumps.

The studios wanted the stars to be seen out and about and against backdrop of the beautiful Riviera, so we would see less of the red carpet and more of the beach." —Bob Ahern, Getty Images Director of Archive“Mexican actress Dolores del Río was the first female member of the Cannes Film Festival jury back in 1957, when this photo was taken.

Since then, we’ve seen something of greater gender parity and this year, a record four women sit on the jury.” —BA“To mark the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, the organizers created a stunning poster featuring this image of legendary Italian actress Claudia Cardinale dancing on a roof terrace in Rome in 1959.

I love how the photographer captured her sheer exuberance in this carefree moment.” —BA alongside five of her female co-stars.

Cruz ties a romantic bygone era of cinema and legendary stars such as Sophia Loren with a more empowered age for women in cinema.

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