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This chapter contains the requirements for establishing and maintaining a system of personnel management on a merit basis. The department shall report information in its annual workforce report relating to the implementation, continuance, updating, and results of each executive agency’s affirmative action plan for the previous fiscal year. It is the policy of the state that sexual harassment is a form of discrimination. No other documentation or justification shall be required prior to selecting a candidate for a position.The system of personnel management shall be implemented so as to ensure that the state agencies participating in the system are eligible for federal funds.“Broadband level” means all positions that are sufficiently similar in knowledge, skills, and abilities; the kind or subject matter of work; the level of difficulty or the level of responsibilities; and the qualification requirements of the work so as to warrant the same treatment with respect to title, pay band, and other personnel transactions.“Demotion” means the changing of the classification of an employee to a broadband level having a lower maximum salary; or the changing of the classification of an employee to a broadband level having the same or a higher maximum salary but a lower level of responsibility.“Furlough” means a temporary reduction in the regular hours of employment in a pay period, or temporary leave without pay for one or more pay periods, with a commensurate reduction in pay, which is necessitated by a projected deficit in any fund that supports salary and benefit appropriations. The annual workforce report must also include data for each executive agency relating to employment levels among women, minorities, and individuals who have a disability. The department shall adopt uniform sexual harassment rules applicable to all executive agencies. Preference in employment, reemployment, promotion, and retention shall be given to an eligible veteran pursuant to ss.Updating the database of the Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS) is an ongoing process.Recent laws may not yet be included in the ILCS database, but they are found on this site as Public Acts soon after they become law.

Provisions may include, but need not be limited to, flexible work schedules, telework, part-time employment, and leaves of absence with or without pay. The affirmative action-equal employment opportunity officer’s responsibilities must include determining annual goals, monitoring agency compliance, and providing consultation to managers regarding progress, deficiencies, and appropriate corrective action. An employee whose employment terminates as a result of an act committed subject to this subsection shall not be given credit for unused sick leave accumulated prior to termination should the employee be reemployed at a later date. The agency head or his or her designee shall be required to document the qualifications of the selected candidate to ensure that the candidate meets the minimum requirements as specified by the employing agency, meets the licensure, certification, or registration requirements, if any, as specified by statute, and possesses the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for the position.

It is the purpose of this chapter to establish a system of personnel management. It is the policy of this state to assist in providing the assurance of equal employment opportunity through programs of affirmative and positive action that will allow full utilization of women, minorities, and individuals who have a disability. Rules and policies adopted pursuant to this section shall permit terminal pay for sick leave equal to one-eighth of all unused sick leave credit accumulated prior to October 1, 1973, plus one-fourth of all unused sick leave accumulated on or after October 1, 1973. The department shall adopt any rules necessary to implement the provisions of this section; however, such rules shall be approved by the Administration Commission prior to their adoption by the department.

This system shall provide means to recruit, select, train, develop, and maintain an effective and responsible workforce and shall include policies and procedures for employee hiring and advancement, training and career development, position classification, salary administration, benefits, discipline, discharge, employee performance evaluations, affirmative action, and other related activities. The head of each executive agency shall develop and implement an affirmative action plan in accordance with rules adopted by the department and approved by a majority vote of the Administration Commission before their adoption. However, terminal pay allowable for unused sick leave accumulated on or after October 1, 1973, shall not exceed a maximum of 480 hours of actual payment. Recruiting shall be planned and carried out in a manner that assures open competition based upon current and projected employing agency needs, taking into consideration the number and types of positions to be filled and the labor market conditions, with special emphasis placed on recruiting efforts to attract minorities, women, or other groups that are underrepresented in the workforce of the employing agency.

Our new Web site address is "". In Florida, the Auditor General is a constitutional officer appointed by the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee and confirmed by both houses of the Legislature.

Mission: As the State’s independent external auditor, the Auditor General provides unbiased, timely, and relevant information that the Legislature, Florida’s citizens, public entity management, and other stakeholders can use to promote government accountability and stewardship and improve government operations.

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