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and are quite happy with their jobs According to the same study, strippers reported very high levels of job satisfaction.

The researchers found the women were overwhelmingly motivated by "career and economic choices" rather than drug addiction or coercion.

But the fact that even some women would say women aren't funny is what's really frustrating. I feel like one of the reasons we're not hired more to write and direct is that some women are complacent and want to be part of the boys club, and part of savoring that acceptance is following the rules. Or less so now that you're a director on top of being a screenwriter? The only thing that makes me feel better is the realization that I'm surrounded by lots of other imposters.

And that's dangerous, to be scared to offend anyone. A lot of people have no idea what they're doing, although that doesn't make me feel like I have any more mastery over my craft. I find it very interesting that a man can be a stripper, talk about it openly, go on and parody it in several sketches, and nobody accuses him of leveraging his sexuality to get ahead. And he did make a quality film, and it obviously did really well, and it had a certain pedigree — it wasn't trashy — but I do not think a woman would be treated the same way. A woman's sexuality is dangerous and threatening and dirty, and for Channing, it's a charming tool in his arsenal.

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Now in its third year, the Athena Film Festival kicked off last night in New York, celebrating the works of female directors, screenwriters, and producers (among those on the slate are Beasts of the Southern Wild and Ginger and Rosa). And what, not even the one woman who's won before can get nominated? But the Academy's already embraced her, so why can't she get the nomination? But this is why it's necessary and important to have the Athena Film Festival, to do anything we can do to help spread the word and support women in leadership positions in film.

actress stopped by Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show this morning and let loose about a variety of topics like Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, strippers and, um, oral sex.

On Ben Affleck and Strippers: Stern asked whether Paltrow and Affleck were on bitter terms because she reportedly once said that he "would be better off dating a Scores stripper." To which she replied, "Well, that was true at the time. On Sex Tapes With Brad Pitt: Paltrow joked that she and her former fiancé never made a sex tape, sharing, "Do you know what's so sad? And on a serious note, about her former flame, the blond beauty confessed that her father "was devastated when we broke up," explaining, "My father loved him like a son."4. Stern applauded Paltrow for telling her famous pal that more oral sex would result in fewer fights in her relationships.Onetime stripper turned blogger turned screenwriter Diablo Cody serves as co-chair of the festival, which is why Vulture encouraged her to go off on some feminist rants about Kathryn Bigelow's Oscar snub, imposter syndrome, and films about male strippers (yes, we're talking about Magic Mike). I have to say, Zero Dark Thirty is an amazing movie, and I don't understand why Kathryn Bigelow wasn't nominated. Are they still patting themselves on the back for giving it to a woman once before? At least you can take consolation in that women will always be nominated for Best Actress, if nothing else.[Laughs.] If men could find a way to dress up as women like in Shakespearean times and get considered for Best Actress, I'm sure they would. The Athena Film Festival always seems to happen every year soon after we get the Celluloid Ceiling reports, which show how few women are behind the camera in the top grossing films, and after we get the Oscar nominations, in which women were only nominated as directors for documentaries and animated films, and only as co-directors with male partners at that. Did her previous win [for The Hurt Locker] fill the quota or something? I remember when they announced the nominations that morning, I ran into the bedroom as my husband was getting dressed, yelling, "Kathryn Bigelow wasn't nominated! I just find it frustrating, because, sure, I'm privileged enough to have my foot in the door, but I want to bring in as many women as possible. Women on the pill — who generally do not ovulate — made significantly less.Researchers said this was proof men react to female ovulation, a claim that had some critics scoffing. According to a new study from the University of Leeds in the U. That's approximately as much as an American attorney, according to salary experts Pay Scale.

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