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Derozer is an Italian punk rock band, formed in July 1989 in the town of Vicenza.

Starting from the second half of the 90es it is (together with Punkreas and Porno Riviste) the most famous and influential Italian punk rock band and one of the most active bands in the alternative ska and punk music scene.

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Meanwhile, Spasio experienced some troubles with alcohol that forced him to leave the band for a while, being replaced by the Illinois-born Gino Rakas who will take part to the recording of "BAR", the first full-length Derozer's album. The growing success allows the band to play a long tour all over Italy as well as abroad in Germany, Croatia, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Norway, Canada and the United States among others.After a first demo tape, Domenico and Davide left the band and were replaced by Seby, singer and guitar-player of a local hardcore punk band named "Strange Corner" as well as one of the first Derozer's fans. The second album will be released in 1998 with Spasio again part of the band: "Alla nostra età" (At our age).The band started to play more regularly and to participate to some local contests. The new album receives positive reviews both in Italy and in other European countries, where Derozer will play extensively.Mr Teletu is probably the first yellow pig to enter the world of artificial intelligence, guiding over 2.4 million customers online at Italy’s leading fixed line and ADSL service providers, Tele Tu.Mr Tele Tu, is a cute pig that features in all of the company’s campaigns, and now also as a Teneo Virtual Assistant that enables customers to register online to resolve their queries.

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