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Consider the following differences between modern American and UK English: Bonnet – In the United States, if you told someone “to look under the bonnet,” the first thing they’d do is start looking for a piece of headwear.

In the UK they’d be directing you to the front of an automobile where one typically finds the engine, known to North Americans as “the hood.” Boot – In America, this term refers to a type of footwear generally suited for less-than-pleasant, outdoorsy environments.

Honorable mentions by popular request – Hell, Michigan and Truth or Consequences, New Mexico!

Horned lizards use a wide variety of means to avoid predation. When threatened, their first defense is to remain still to avoid detection. It is possible that their diet of large quantities of venomous Harvester Ants could be a factor; however, the origin and structure of the chemicals responsible are still unknown. Your email will only be used to send you great content from our site and stuff you’ll like!For more information check out clause 14 of the Terms and Conditions on our site.” is going to draw you some strange looks, given how it typically refers to a cheap type of whole wheat bread.In the UK, that expression is used to tell someone that they’re dead, threatening them with violence for some real or imagined wrong.

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