Isp dns not updating

If you change your domain name's nameservers, we submit your change request to the registry within minutes, and they publish your authoritative NS (nameserver) records within their root zone. For example, Veri Sign refreshes zones for domain names every three minutes.

However, not all registries make updates that often.

To put that into context, think about your cell phone.

When you want to make a call to a friend with whom you speak regularly, you simply go to recent calls and tap on their name.

The first time I learned how DNS gets resolved, I was quite surprised by how long and complicated the process was.

But what if, instead of having that information readily available, you had to call 411 to get their phone number, then type it in manually. The fact is that there are a lot of steps — and therefore a lot of time — required to change a domain name into an IP address.

Fortunately, the DNS designers had thought about how to speed up DNS and implemented caching.

If not, or if you aren't sure, look at Common Problems. By default, Open VPN only sends some traffic through the VPN — traffic that is specifically destined for the VPN network itself.

The "--redirect-gateway" option tells Open VPN to send all traffic through the VPN.

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This guide is meant for the most common setups, so if it doesn't apply to your situation, or doesn't help, ask the Tunnelblick Discussion Group or the Open VPN users mailing list for help.

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