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We here at Vimbly want the best for you and your date, whether you guys just met on Tinder or have freshly emerged from several months of Netflix-fueled mutual hibernation.

Bring a little fun into you and your date’s lives with these offbeat date suggestions that are sure to give you two a night to remember.

Be sure to obey the one cardinal rule - no talking loudly, or else you'll get a big "SHHHH" from the bartender!

The beer list is excellent, so it's a great place to (quietly) catch up with a friend. Get the Matador Combo if you're really hungry or are with a couple of friends: one whole chicken, rice, beans, tostones, salchipapa, & avocado salad.

Before you blow your paycheck on that forty-course omakase, take a step back and think. Are you going to spend the rest of your life (or night) with them? Have a beer from Greece, and, afterwards, explore the bars of Chinatown. Actually, on second thought, other restaurants feel like they should be less stuffy. The food’s healthy and a little adventurous, and most of the stuff costs less than twenty dollars. If you want some affordable Italian in a low-key, low-light atmosphere (and you don’t mind a little noise), check it out.

You two could wind up having wildly different opinions on Selena Gomez or the economic utility of deficit spending (or both), so maybe don’t take them to Masa. The windows are huge, so it feels more like a greenhouse than a lighthouse, but if they’re pushing for that whole nautical vibe just go with it. It can get a little cramped, but the pastas are all twelve dollars, and three dishes are usually good for two.

What’s keeping it accessible is a nonexistent liquor license and their lack of interest in cooking trendy food. The food is rustic and Mediterranean, and entrees max out at twenty-five dollars.

To all the couples out there, here are some favorite cheap date spots that will neither break the bank nor necessitate a 45 minute R or 7 train ride.

No dumplings or tacos out of the back of a deli (though, those are pretty decent dates spots for the right kind of gal), no trips to Sripraprai, no eating out of a food truck.

They make good, plain food in a good, plain setting; and if you want to BYOB, by all means do. Also, if you snag a sidewalk table before your date arrives, your likeability will increase. The space itself is dimly lit and looks like somewhere you could go antiquing.

Overall, this is a good, low-key place to bring a date in a neighborhood where restaurants tend to be uptight and pricy.

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Just good food, at real restaurants, mainly in Manhattan, for $40 or less.

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