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An improved in comparison with last year is that the large, empty areas were closed off, making it feel more compact instead of having lots of space wasted away and having an empty feeling.The main floor was reserved for the dealer area, martial arts section and gamers zone while there was also a photo booth and the possibility to relax and enjoy some Japanese delicacies.

, it is time to reflect on the weekend of Atsusacon. The cosplay Dating show is a light-minded show where 1 cosplayer (the bachelor), will be seated across 4 other cosplayers with a screen between them.Thee bachelor will ask questions (in character), and it is up to the other participants to answer as good (and as funny) as possible.But in the in history of dating shows I think the “Dating Game” format was always the best.This is where you had a woman or man asking questions to a group of three contestants and each one had to come up with a witty answer on the fly to win the affection of the person asking the questions.

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