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Looking like an arachnid Wall-E wearing a fez, each bot has a head with a 3-D depth-sensing camera similar to an Xbox Kinect.

The app, which bore the tagline: 'Threesomes made easy,' didn't work out, and now the company has re-branded and focused its attention on love in the office.

, Charlie Chaplin plays a factory worker whose only job is to tighten two bolts—again and again, all day, until he finally goes mad.

It’s the life of his robot descendants, which might, for example, weld the same car part over and over again.

Some facts of life in North Korea cannot be hidden from view, which is why recently the country had to reduce its military minimum height requirement from 4ft 9in (145cm) to 4ft 8in (142cm), to include shorter women unfortunate enough to have been born painfully undernourished during the terrible famines.

All conscripts have to serve for between three and five years, beginning with a month of intensive training in which corporal punishments are not unknown.

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The military day begins at 5am and does not end until 10pm.

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